Singing, Acting & Dancing Classes – North Ryde & Denistone

We offer a diverse range of Singing, Acting and Dance classes to suit all ages, abilities and interests.

Whether your passion lies with the more popular dance forms of Ballet, Tap and Jazz or you simply wish to develop your Hip Hop, Acrobatic, Musical Theatre and Cheer techniques; at KLD Performing Arts we can provide you with the training, encouragement and focus you need to attain your dance dreams and reach for the stars.




Our classes include:


Recognised as a strengthening and disciplined style, our ballet classes can help to improve your posture, co-ordination and flexibility.

Based on a combination of barre and centre exercises (recommended by the British Ballet Organization Syllabus), we offer classes suitable for preschoolers upwards; moving from props and imaginative play to advanced levels of footwork, examinations and gradings.


One of our most popular classes, Jazz is energetic and all about having fun! Our classes consist of warm ups, stretches and corner work that encourages increased flexibility, movement and cardio fitness level. As the year goes on, you will progress to group routines that are performed at our Annual Performance

Tap Dance Classes

Our Tap classes are fun and energetic. It’s a technical dance style that encourages the development and strengthening of tap techniques, whilst focusing on the importance of rhythm and sounds.

With structured footwork you can become your own percussion instrument!

NOTE: Our Tap classes are so popular with the Males, that we offer ‘Males ONLY’ classes.

Hip Hop

A constantly evolving street style dance, our Hip Hop classes work on developing your technique and general free flowing movements in an energetic, funky and creative environment.

During our classes you will be able to learn tricks (including forward and backward rolls, freezes, monkey flips etc) of varying technical difficulty, routines and corner work.

For students who are looking to take Hip Hop tricks to the next level, we recommend that they also take our Acrobatics classes.

Pointe Dance Classes

Our Pointe classes focus on the Classical Ballet technique of supporting all your body weight on the tips of your extended feet. In order to participate in this class, you are required to be in Grade Five Ballet with an Approved certificate from your local Physiotherapist.

You must have also completed all examinations from Grade 3 onwards and be willing to continue participating in Ballet Examinations. These rules are set in place for your safety.

Pre School Jazz/ Ballet Classes (Little Stars)

Fun and imaginative, this creative setting allows our youngest students to engage with music and dance in a playful manner by harnessing props and songs whilst developing motor skills.

And with the chance to wear our gorgeous Purple Tutu’s and Hair Bows, your child will love dressing up for our pre school dance classes.

Note: As a stepping stone for when students are a little older and can choose which dance style they prefer, we teach elements from both Jazz and Ballet.

Contemporary/ Lyrical Classes

Created from a fusion of Ballet with Jazz and Contemporary dance techniques, our Lyrical dance classes offers a freedom and fluidity that is expressive, emotional and intricate. Dancers will get to develop their Ballet technique whilst learning how to convey musicality and emotion through their movements.

Acrobatics (Acro) Classes

Acrobatic dance seamlessly blends classical dance techniques with acrobatics to create unique choreography that will improve your strength, flexibility and technique.

Our Acro dance classes are graded on abilities rather than age. This is to ensure all students are pushed to their fullest potential, including beginners.

As you reach new goals and milestones, you will be asked to move up the levels. At KLD, we offer small Acro classes (Maximum of 12 students per coach) to ensure safety and more one-on-one time with your coach.

Singing and Drama Classes

Our singing and drama sessions provide the perfect training setting for those who aspire to act or want to go into theatre. Helping you to learn how to extend your voice, improve your range and transition from speaking into song; these classes aim to hone in your technique and talent. The aim of our Singing and Drama Combo classes are to develop self-confidence, communication skills and creativity in a fun and safe environment. Our lessons are carefully planned to provide an HOUR of stimulating and educational FUN!

Our DRAMA lessons include activities that target and help students develop their verbal skills, voice projection, creative movement and spontaneity through improvisation. Our SINGING lessons include vocal technique, stage awareness, vocal exercises, and developing a group performance. At KLD we believe it is important to ensure Drama and Singing classes remain small in numbers (Maximum of 15 students per teacher). This is to ensure that our students have more one-on-one time with their teachers.

Commercial Jazz Dance Classes

Ideal for students passionate about broadening their Jazz and Street Dance skills; Contemporary Jazz classes involve a stylised combination of Street Funk, Hip Hop and Pop to create a highly choreographed sequence of steps that include: sharp and fluid movements; elements of popping and locking, and animated expression.

Stretch and Flex (Conditioning Program)

These tailored classes, focus on conditioning your body and improving your strength and flexibility through a series of stretches and exercises.

This class will assist in your development as you progress towards reaching personal goals such as doing the Splits. This class is ideal for any student wishing to improve flexibility for their day to day classes; Ballet classes and Exam Level classes.

Poise and elegance comes from developing your Strength and Flexibility. Each week has a different theme, including: Stretch and Flex; Core and Balance and Legs and Arms, so you can have plenty of variety in your conditioning program. Every class includes a comprehensive stretch session targeting legs, back and shoulders.

These strength and flexibility classes, available in North Ryde are suitable for all levels, with no previous experience required in order to benefit from this session.

Exam Classes

Examinations are an effective way to learn various facets of dance including, creativity; musical rhythms and safe dance. We encourage all students to participate in our examination classes.
Our classes are focused, and our teachers are dedicated to ensure you learn the syllabus and knowledge to the best of your ability.

Holiday Workshops

Each School Holidays we offer classes/workshops in variety of styles, taken by leading industry professionals.

Our Dance Workshops are Fun, energetic and the perfect escape for restless students during the holidays, as they allow students to experiment with new styles; take part in mini performances; stay active and simply enjoy their love of dance, theatre and singing.

This is the only way for you to spend your School Holidays!

Males ONLY classes

We understand that some of our students may feel apprehensive about taking part in sessions that are usually considered female focused. This is why we offer Male Tap Classes.

Our male only classes aim to eliminate this discomfort so you can explore your passion for dance.

Performance/showcase (competition work)

Throughout the year we offer our students the chance to take part in many performance opportunities. From Eistedfodds to community events to our Annual Dance Performance; the Performance class is a fun way to get experience whilst developing technique, stage presence and confidence.

Students who participate in the class will also have the opportunity to apply for being “Dance Captain” which is great for building Confidence and Leadership Skills. The selected Dance Captain is responsible for motivating team mates before and after performances; taking charge of warming up and cooling down; looking after the Dance Captain emergency box, and collecting any Awards on behalf of the team.

We offer Under 8 years, 10 years, 12 years, 14 years and OPEN. We also have selected Performance Groups for our more advanced students who participate in Examinations, Acrobatics etc.


An incorporation of Dance, Gymnastics and Cheerleading, our Cheer sessions help to improve co-ordination, flexibility and fluidity of movement.
Our classes include: Warm Ups, Stretching and Strengthening, Acrobatic tricks, Routine works and Singing/Cheering.

Annual Performance

At the end of the year, KLD students have the chance to take part in our Annual Performance where they can showcase what they have learnt over the year.
Students can enjoy the excitement of performing for their loved ones whilst dressing up in stunning costumes. Each year our Annual Performance is based on a Theme. 2009 – Greazin It Up 2010 – Fractured Fairy Tale 2011 – CICRUS of talent 2012 – Under the Sea 2013 – The Haunted Mansion – Celebrating 5 years 2014 – Glitz and Glamour 2015 – Super Heroes.

Contact us today to learn more about our range of Singing, Acting and Dance classes. No matter your age or ability we have got a class for everyone.




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