Ballet Dance Classes

Ballet Dance Classes

Recognised for its ability to improve posture, co-ordination and flexibility; our ballet lessons are suitable for all ages, levels and abilities, providing a strong technical foundation that can support you as you experiment with other KLD dance styles.

From the stimulating and imaginative sessions of our prop filled Pre-School and Kindy Ballet classes to our more Advanced levels; all of our ballet classes are fun, structured and designed with YOU in mind.

Choosing to Learn Ballet

At KLD Performing Arts in North Ryde, we follow the British Ballet Organization (BBO) Syllabus to ensure that all of our students are always progressing and learning a new grade with every passing year.

Through the careful structuring of our classes, students can feel confident that they will constantly be challenged, motivated and inspired to move forwards and develop strong and good technique.

Our Class Structure

All of our Ballet classes commence with students performing set graded exercises on the ballet barre followed by the centre of the floor.

Barre exercises are designed to warm and lengthen your muscles whilst developing balance and strong technique. Centre of floor exercises are designed to test everything you have learnt on the barre in bigger and stronger movements.

Whilst Ballet is a strict dance style, at KLD we believe in adding in fun elements to help ensure maximum absorption. Through our lessons you will discover how to perform strong technical movement’s such as: Plié, Releve, Sauté and Pirouettes… For more information on our ballet classes, feel free to contact our professionally trained teachers today.

Additional Information:

For students who wish to take their Ballet skills to the next level, we also offer examination classes that are governed by the British Ballet Organization. We believe examinations are an effective way to learn various facets of dance including, creativity, musical rhythms and safe dance.

In order to do these exams (usually held in September), students will need to participate in a minimum of TWO ballet lessons per week. For our more advanced level students, they are required to participate in THREE lessons per week (including Pointe).

NOTE: In order to do our Pointe classes, it is essential that students participate in our examination classes from Grade 3 onwards. This will ensure that their feet are strong enough and that their dance techniques have been well developed.




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